Flowers for car. We decorate cars for all occasions and for every taste.

Heart M2Heart M2 - <b>110€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/heart-m2/" class="moreButton">More info</a>110 €
White M5White M5 - <b>65€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/white-m5/" class="moreButton">More info</a>65 €
White M11White M11 - <b>45€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/white-m11/" class="moreButton">More info</a>45 €
M13M13 - <b>52€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m13/" class="moreButton">More info</a>52 €
M14M14 - <b>65€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m14/" class="moreButton">More info</a>65 €
M17M17 - <b>115€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m17/" class="moreButton">More info</a>115 €
M18M18 - <b>115€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m18/" class="moreButton">More info</a>115 €
M19M19 - <b>67€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m19/" class="moreButton">More info</a>67 €
M20M20 - <b>95€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m20/" class="moreButton">More info</a>95 €
M21M21 - <b>63€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m21/" class="moreButton">More info</a>63 €
M22M22 - <b>115€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m22/" class="moreButton">More info</a>115 €
M23M23 - <b>57€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m23/" class="moreButton">More info</a>57 €
M24M24 - <b>69€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m24/" class="moreButton">More info</a>69 €
M25M25 - <b>5€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m25/" class="moreButton">More info</a>5 €
M26M26 - <b>69€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m26/" class="moreButton">More info</a>69 €
M27M27 - <b>63€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m27/" class="moreButton">More info</a>63 €
M28M28 - <b>45€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m28/" class="moreButton">More info</a>45 €
M29M29 - <b>65€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m29/" class="moreButton">More info</a>65 €
M30M30 - <b>55€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m30/" class="moreButton">More info</a>55 €
M31M31 - <b>97€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m31/" class="moreButton">More info</a>97 €
M32M32 - <b>85€</b> <a href="/decorationstyling/car-decoration/m32/" class="moreButton">More info</a>85 €

You are welcome to our internet shop. Taking orders for flowers 24H.


Delivery cost in Tallinn is 6€; vicinity of Tallinn(10 km) - 15€.


Free delivery from 45€! /except 13.02., 14.02 and 7.03. , 8.03. These days courier service charges for all orders,
regardless of the amount. /


Flowers are generally delivered on working days anytime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the suturday and sunday


If you want do delivery on  Public Holidays, after 18.00 , you must do order befor 48H and select Express delivery (12 Euro) or contact with us.

We can deliver the flowers any time 24H upon your request.


You can make an order in online store or in our Tallinn office: Altmetsa 1. Orders are also accepted by phone: +372 65 56 144

Payments we accept: SEBSwedbankMasterCardMaestroVisa